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Mid-Term Week

Just thought I should give you guys a head's up I'm not going to be around too much this week and part of next. I've got mid-terms and I have a lot of material to study over.

Unlike Wally, I'm no Flash. Can't finish this up lightning quick, so I've gotta stick myself to a schedule so I can pass.

Apperaences and responses from me on any kind may be REAL laggy and very few inbetween (At least tillt hese are done)

I will be checking my email considering important stuff does go to the mail box. However, in case something goes drastically wrong or you really need me for whatever. Just email me and make the message noticable. I'll check it out.

Shall be back though. *waves!*

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Ah, midterms. I remember those. Makes me glad I'm not in school anymore.

Though I do miss being able to sit at the all you can eat buffet at the student union.
Heheh. And the funny thing is I could have been done about a year ago if I didn't switch majors.


Oh well. At least this way i'll be getting paid more int he future. *giggles*